Classes of Information

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Strategic Management

This category applies to the governance and management of the department.

Finance & Administration

This category applies to internal support functions within the Department, relating to finance, personnel and business administration.

Policies & Procedures

This category applies to written protocols for carrying out functions, activities and delivering services.

Due to the public safety operational nature of the Department, most of the Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) are exempt from disclosure per the FOI Law. In addition, some SOGs are probably not of the public interest thus not published, but may be made available upon request.

Decisions & Recommendations

This category applies to information about proposals, resolutions, assessments and results, including decision-making processes.

  • None at this time.

Lists & Registers

This category applies to information held in registers required by law and other lists or registers relating to the functions of the authority

Our Services

This category provides detailed information about the services offered and activities carried out by the authority, to fulfil its high-level functions and responsibilities.

This website forms the Department of Public Safety Communications e-publication scheme, developed in compliance with Section 5 of the FOI Law

Freedom of Information
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Office of the Ombudsman
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Last Updated 2014-09-09