Asst. Director Receives Certification

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Assistant Director receives certification.

Published 10th July 2015, 4:55pm

Denver, Colorado: July 10, 2015 - At last week's annual National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference in Colorado, Mr. Julian Lewis received certification as a professional, certified Communications Center Manager (CMCP).  Lewis, who is the Assistant Director for Electronic Monitoring at the Department of Public Safety Communications, attended an intensive week long training leading up to the award.

Lewis joins Assistant Director for Operations and training, Mr. Leslie "Lennox" Vernon, as a CMCP. Vernon received his professional certification at a NENA conference in California in 2012.

All three members of the DPSC management team now have professional certifications in the emergency communications field. Brent Finster, Director of Public Safety Communications, is a certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP), a title he has held since 1998.

Both assistant directors are Caymanian and the CMCP or ENP certification is necessary to compete for the director position according to the department’s succession plan. Both Vernon’s and Lewis’ certification as CMCP will count towards the pre-requisite to become an ENP.

Ministry of Home Affairs Chief Officer Eric Bush said, "I am proud of the ambition that Mr. Lewis displayed in regards to his recent CMCP certification. This is another visible act that demonstrates the professionalism that exists within the Department of Public Safety Communications."

According to the NENA website, the Center Manager Certification Program (CMCP) is designed to equip current, new, and potential PSAP and 9-1-1 Authority managers and supervisors with the tools needed to effectively manage their agency through a rigorous 40-hour course of lecture and lab-based education. CMCP provides students with information on technical, management and leadership topics specifically as it relates to public safety communications.

Lewis has been with the Department of Public Safety Communications for four years and prior to that, was a sergeant with the RCIPS technical services division. He is responsible for the National CCTV Programme and the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders programmes.

NENA is an association of over 8,000 members primarily in the United States and Canada and provides training opportunities and development of technical and operational standards that affect 9-1-1 and public safety communications.